Love Everybody.

It’s that simple, and that complicated;
it’s that easy, and that hard.

We are imperfect followers of Jesus Christ, continually being transformed by God’s love and forgiveness. We are building a vibrant, welcoming community that expresses that love in word and in action.

Our vision is “Love God, Love Everybody.”

We believe in the power of love. Period. Through love, we are each created in God’s image and filled with the divine spirit. No matter where we are on our journey, God’s imprint is in every person of every race/ethnicity, every culture, every religion, every gender and gender identity, every socio-economic status, every ability and disability, every sexual orientation, and every political ideology.

Women's Storybook Project Event

Sunday, April 21 | Noon | Kids Building

Women’s Storybook Project of Texas (WSP) is a women’s prison program that connects children with their incarcerated mothers through the joy of literature. The primary goal of WSP is to reduce the rate of re-incarceration among incarcerated mothers by strengthening the mother-child connection through literature. This literature project requires volunteers to travel to Texas female prisons to record incarcerated mothers as they read stories to their children. Jill Gonzalez, executive director of WSP, will give a presentation and answer questions about the program. A light lunch will be served. Register by April 14. For more information or to register, click the button below!

Belonging @ SHPC

View stories from church members about identifying with specific groups and belonging at SHPC!