Your generosity empowers us to further live into our vision to Love God & Love Everybody.

Why We Give

Our mission is entirely supported through the faithful giving of our congregation. Each week we remind our members and friends of the teachings of the Apostle Paul that God loves a cheerful giver, which is why we always want to create opportunities to give of our resources as God leads us. There is zero obligation to give, but rather an open path to respond in gratitude to the One who gives us everything.  

It is because of the generosity and faithfulness of our members and friends that we are able to see lives transformed as we learn together what it means to Love God, Love Everybody both here in Austin and around the world. We invite our members to give as a response to the gift of mercy and grace they’ve received from God through Jesus.
Giving is an act of worship that draws us closer to God and increases our faith. As we give generously, our lives are transformed to look more like Jesus.

Ways To Give

Give Now

Click the button below to give a general donation. You can also view the dropdown menu to give to a specific ministry.

Give In Person

Bring cash or check to church on Sunday morning and place it in the offering basket passed during the middle of our worship service.


A pledge is an estimate of your giving to Shepherd of the Hills. You may increase or decrease your pledge amount at any time if your financial circumstances change. By reflecting on your faith and values, you can make a conscious decision on how you spend your money. Pledges also allow the session to be thoughtful in how to allocate the church’s resources in support of our mission when developing our budget.

Time & Talent Form

One of the greatest ways we can live out our commitment to “Love God, Love Everybody” is to utilize our skills and talents to serve others. We hope that as a part of the Shepherd family, you will fill out our form and choose to become fully engaged in community life.

Your Generosity At Work

Your generosity empowers us to further live into our vision to Love God & Love Everybody, both here in Austin, TX and around the world. The 2024-2025 Narrative Budget tells the story of how we plan to use the resources God gives us.  It also tells the story of how an incredibly diverse group of people come together, share in ministry and mission and do their best to Love God and Love Everybody as one. View our Narrative Budget to see how living abundantly can change lives.

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