“Love God” calls us to know more about God and what God wants for us.

You can’t love what you don’t know. Here at SHPC we offer a wide variety of classes and bible studies that aim to deepen our understanding of who God is and how we can live into all that God desires for us.

Current Class Offerings Here At SHPC

This page will continue to be updated with upcoming classes that you can join here at Shepherd, so check back soon for more opportunities!

Who Created God? 

 An Intergenerational Group
Mondays | 7PM | Cafe | Begins March 4

"Who Created God?" is a weekly intergenerational small group where we address challenging questions of faith, religion, and philosophy. We will be covering topics like “How can we have Free Will if God knows the future?”, “Does it matter what God we believe in?”, “How can a just God send people to Hell?” and, of course, “Who created God?”

In our discussions we are not looking to aggressively argue for any one perspective, but rather to present differing ideas of how theologians and philosophers have made sense of these questions. Ultimately, we want you to make informed decisions about what it is you believe. Even when engaging in topics that famously bring out polarizing opinions, our goal is to inspire everyone to think openly and critically about all facets of life—to question dogma and make sure we can honestly examine why we believe what we believe. This group is open to everyone regardless of your present beliefs or level of confidence, and will be facilitated by 3 of our young adults: Noah Killeen, Jonathan Hinds and Morgan Reeves. For more information on weekly topics or to register, click the button below!

Body & Soul Yoga

Wednesdays | 10AM | Zoom
Thursdays | 10AM | Kid's Building
Begins Feb. 22 & 23

Join us for this Christ-centered yoga ministry where we will embark on a journey of Transformation. Our practice will involve gentle yoga poses, deep breathing, meditations, and reflections while tapping into some spiritual qualities to enable us to transform our lives so we are living full and joyful. Online & In Person options available! For more information or to register, click the link below!

Art + Faith

Friday, Feb. 16 | 7PM | Kid's Building

Journey with us as we explore bible verse through creative art and making! We will practice making a creative work based on bible verses from the current sermon series. No prior art talent or training is required, only a mind open to deepening your faith through the creative process. The first class of the month will include some technique instruction and time to work on creative projects in fellowship. At the second class of the month we will have a discussion session to share our completed projects and our experiences with exploring scripture through art and making.

However, you don’t have to register for the whole spring semester, you can now register for one class session at a time! To find out more information on the art technique and class details, click the link below!

Mindful Self Compassion

Thursdays | 7PM | Cafe | Begins Feb. 8

If we are to love God and love everyone, it is critical to love ourselves. Yet even in Christian communities the message is often to diminish ourselves while we strive for perfect love for others. Whether it’s you or another person you’re trying to love, we all fall short. We get trapped by fear or shame. We may become more critical or aggressive. Some of us like to withdraw, stuff our feelings and distract ourselves until the problem goes away. In this four week introduction to mindful self-compassion we will touch on the highlights of a very helpful workbook by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer entitled The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook. For more information on the topics being covered or to register, click the link below!

Jesus In The Gospels

Mondays | 10:30AM | Adult Portable | Begins Sept. 11

Jesus in the Gospels in a 30-week study that will be offered in two sessions. The first has been completed and the second will start September 11, 2023 and run through January, 2024. This study focuses on the portraits of Jesus found in the four Gospels. The word in used in the title signals that this study takes an approach different from the familiar “life and teaching of Jesus” approach of reading stories and accounts of what Jesus said and did in order to draw conclusions of their meaning about who Jesus was. This study looks at the way each Gospel writer presents events and teaching and at the picture of Jesus that emerges in each of the Gospels.

Bible Studies

Mary Martha Circle

First Thursdays | 1:30PM | Hybrid

Our goal is to be conformed to the image of Jesus and discover the extravagant hope Jesus has for each of us—in the past, in the present, and in the future: this is a revelation of Jesus Christ.
Interested in joining? Contact Jody Wright

Association of Retired Christian Men

Thursdays | 10AM | Church Library or Zoom

The Association of Retired Christian Men (ARCM) meets in-person every Thursday morning at 10:00AM in the church library and via Zoom. They are currently studying the Book of Acts.

Want to join a Centering Prayer Group?

Monday & Friday Mornings | 7:30 - 8:00AM CST | Zoom

Click the link below to learn more about prayer sessions that serve as a steady anchor which allow us, through God’s grace, to experience contemplative times of inner stillness and a peace that passes understanding.